Templo Bahai Santiago de Chile

Templo Bahá’í

If you have visited all the ordinary sights of Santiago de Chile and / or are curious about doing something off the beaten tracks that you won’t find in the ordinary travel guides (not yet), go and visit Templo Bahá’í…

Templo Bahá’í is a temple in the outskirts of Santiago in the foothills of the Andes. You can get there by public transport or car. Keep in mind if traveling by bus you have to walk the last 2 km steep uphill. But you can try to hitchhike. There is only one road going uphill so every car will pass the temple. If you consider walking, don’t forget water and sunscreen! It can get where hot out there. At the top you can visit the temple, rest and enjoy the stellar view of Santiago’s skyline.

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For more pics and information e.g. check TripAdvisor.

Pura Vida!

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