Flight Statistics For Flying Nerds 🤓 – flightdiary.net

Have you ever been wondering e.g. how often you have been flying around the world, how many kilometers you have been traveling on an airplane or how many hours of your life you have been spending on an aircraft so far? If you like statistics or are a flying nerd flightdiary.net could help you to answer your questions. I created my personal flight log and of course I don’t remember every single flight of my life, anyway the statistics show some interesting facts to me. I’m wondering how many hours I have been spending so far on planes, trains, buses, boats, etc. in total…

Safe Travels! ✈️

PS: Flightdiary.net helps you keep track of where you’ve flown. Sign up for and you will get a personal page with a map of all the places you have been to, and detailed flight statistics with graphs.


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