Recycling und Mülltrennung im Parque Cordillera (PARQUE NATURAL AGUAS DE RAMÓN)

Recycling und Mülltrennung in Chile at its best

Mülltrennung und Recycling sind gut und auch wichtig. Ich dachte nur bisher, dass Deutschland eines der kompliziertesten Recycling-Systeme besitzt. Jedoch wurde ich während eines kleinen Wanderausflugs im Parque Cordillera, genauer gesagt im Parque Natural Aguas de Ramón, eines Besseren belehrt. Mehr zum Thema Mülltrennung.

You can always make more money…

…  but you only have a set of number of days to make more memories.


Packing the bags! Next trip is about to be launched very soon! 😀


Bus Terminal

Tickets to Mendoza by bus

As already mentioned in previous articles, numberless buses leave from different terminals in Santiago de Chile and it can be nerve-racking to find the right bus terminal in Santiago. Crossing the Andes and visiting Mendoza for the weekend is a great way to renew your tourist visa. Here’s how you can save same pesos on your next trip. more

First woman to travel to every country

Cassie DePecol became the first woman to travel to all 196 countries, and the fastest person to do so, in 18 months and 26 days. #CNN


Templo Bahai Santiago de Chile

Templo Bahá’í

If you have visited all the ordinary sights of Santiago de Chile and / or are curious about doing something off the beaten tracks that you won’t find in the ordinary travel guides (not yet), go and visit Templo Bahá’í… more

Stamp Chile Police Boarder PDI

How to extend your tourist visa in Chile?

Depending on your passport every tourist usually gets a 90-day visa when passing through Chilean immigration. If you want to stay longer or extend your stay, here are some useful and money saving tips and tricks.

Where is my bus?

How to find the right bus terminal in Santiago de Chile and cheap tickets?

Traveling by bus in Chile is easy and convenient. A bewildering number of bus companies connect nearly every little city in the country and to Argentina, Bolivia and Peru. The buses are well maintained and in good conditions. You don’t have to be terrified of shabby vehicles like in some Latin-American countries.  How to find the right Bus in Santiago